It's all about location!
Why stay at the degraded port areas  (which you can easily access 24/7 by our free shuttle service) when you can be at the best part of the city?
Apart from being very near the port, the hotel is situated in the most beautiful, commercial, and family friendly area of Piraeus, Pasalimani Marine, in a very quite street, which is easy to get to.
Our guests can easily access shops and department stores, restaurants and cafes that are along the main streets Gr Lambraki, King George I and Polytechniou av. and adjacent  pedestrian roads (Sotiros Dios and Karaiskou).
There is also the Municipal theatre of the city "Demoticon Theatre" only 450 meters away from our hotel, famous for its unique neoclassical architectural style and numerous museums -among which the archaeological museum stands out (360 meters away). There are also libraries and galleries open for the public, most famous one being the Laskaridis Foundation within a very short distance of 50 meters.
Our hotel is very popular with families as well. Parents and children can take a leisurely stroll along Pasalimani and Marina Zeas, soak up the sun and enjoy the amazing sea views. The area is very well connected with the centre of Athens and the South sea front of Attiki. All that and more make Phidias Piraeus Hotel a perfect choice.
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